Artwork for days!

If you have one or  more child(ren) at home and they are in daycare, school, Sunday School, any activities really, you’re probably really starting to pile up the artwork. Some parents have no problem throwing it right in the trash can, others just shuddered from reading that and keep everything! Some have a happy balance, and others have no clue what to do with it! Here are some fun and smart ideas what to do with these things brought home 🙂

Below is a neat way to cut up the art work to make it a little more home decor friendly:

Easy DIY: Turn Toddler Scribbles into Art


A great way to organize the items brought home. I love some of these ideas!


Cool ways to show and display your sweet children’s artwork:


I hope that this give you some ideas this upcoming school year. I pray that your child(ren) grow and learn in all the activities they are participating in. And that you, as the parents enjoy these moments and memories as well!


In HIS consistent and unwavering love,




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